Here at Asheville Hot Air Balloons we offer one-hour sunrise flights in and around the Great Smoky Mountains. We are located just minutes from Asheville, NC. We fly in one of the best areas for hot air ballooning. The views you will see from the balloon are spectacular.

We have operated a commercial ride business for 30 years and also have operated an FAA certified repair station since 1983. Please contact us if you need a balloon repair. We do pilot training and are dealers for Firefly Balloons.

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Get high with us...

We fly hot air balloons at sunrise, seven days a week (weather permitting). Passengers gather at Starbucks inside Ingles Market,1572 Sand Hill Road, Candler, NC 28715. Costs for a shared flight is $300 per person and costs for a private flight is $800 per couple and includes complimentary Chateau Biltmore champagne. Flights last one hour. The entire process will take 21/2 hours.

Private couple flights include complimentary Chateau Biltmore champagne. Book your flight today to ensure your reservation.

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Two Asheville Hot Air Balloons with MTS in background
How high will we go? About a mile high!
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