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Alex: "the mechanicals are part
of the beauty of the experience."

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Sammy Smith: (Danny’s dad) "I love the people I meet; it’s amazing how many folks haven’t ever been up in a balloon before, and I like seeing their enjoyment. Danny flew the balloon when I had my first ride – he was only 14 years old. That was the best thing in my life."

"The grand kids, Trent, and Kolbie, also love to fly; and you know that’s it’s got to be pretty fun if it keeps their interest. There’s no reason to worry about heights on a balloon ride, as there’s no depth perception really; it’s not like climbing up and looking off from the top of a building".

Phil Smith: (Danny’s uncle) "I never particularly had an interest until Danny talked my mother, who is 77 and deathly, afraid of heights, into going up in a balloon. She absolutely loved it, and I was not going to let her out-do me. I have loved it ever since. It’s a great challenge every time; you never know which way the wind is going to take it. It’s never boring, always different, and always exciting."

Allen Weinbarger: "I started chasing balloons with Danny when we were about 16 years old. It’s peaceful, but the adventure feeling is there, too. Ballooning is pure enjoyment, and has been an inspiration to me to follow through with getting my pilots, then commercial pilot’s license."

Jim Barnett (Pilot): "The saying goes, My first flight cost me two hundred dollars and the second flight cost me thirty thousand dollars. My wife, Jane says, He is always happy when he is flying."

Alex Pope: "It’s so beautiful. I love to watch the balloons in the air, and the mechanicals are part of the beauty of the experience. We do repairs here, too, and that’s an art also.We like meeting people who are up for the adventure."

Gabriel Latina: "The first time I tried chasing, that was it. It’s such a beautiful thing to watch, from setting it up, to getting it down."

Kyley Cross: "I was afraid of heights until my first hot air balloon ride. You’re traveling with the wind, so there’s no bouncing around. The views are spectacular. I love it.”

Kolbie Smith: (Danny's son) "I like balloon rides. It’s pretty up in a balloon."

Passengers: “The crew is terrific!" we often hear. "A big thank you for your help and kindness and for organizing the trip. Words are not sufficient to express our gratitude.Without going into much more dramatics, let me just put in record my family’s happiness and wonderful experience"
-Kumara Subramanian

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